How To Get The Most From Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

You’ve found a lawyer that you like. He or she seems incredibly intelligent and knows the law backwards and forwards. Now you need to decide on one thing: How can I utilize this person’s skills to defend me on a criminal charge?

Understanding both your role as a client and the attorney’s role as your lawyer is necessary in order to present the best defense possible on a criminal charge.

Your Attorney’s Job: Teaching, Negotiating, and Litigating.

People unfamiliar with lawyers might be surprised to find that the majority of time lawyers spend with their clients is spent teaching. The mark of a good lawyer is the ability to explain even complex legal arguments in a way that you understand. Anyone who faces a criminal charge must understand what the elements of the crime are and what evidence the Prosecution has to support those elements.

Your lawyer needs to be a good negotiator. It is a common practice for Prosecutors to offer a less serious charge or a favorable sentencing recommendation to a Defendant in cases where the evidence is weak. In certain cases, a prosecutor may offer a lesser charge to someone with no criminal background. Negotiating is not a one time, winner takes all, event; rather it is a continuous activity until the case resolves -this means all the way up to trial and sometimes even in the middle of trial.

Your lawyer needs to be a good Litigator. In the context of a Jury trial, the need for a good litigator is obvious. He or she will need similar skills prior to trial, since many criminal cases have legal questions that need to be answered by a Judge. For example, will a particular statement be allowed into evidence? The process of asking the Judge for an answer is called a Motion Hearing. The outcome of a Motion Hearing can be critical to your case. Some Motions, e.g. a Probable Cause Motion, can determine if your case gets dismissed before it even reaches trial.

The Defendant’s Job

You are the one that has to live with the consequences of your decisions, so your job is to understand what your choice are and the ramifications of those choices.

In order to understand your choices, you need to ask questions. Never feel shy about asking questions, it’s your attorney’s job to make sure you understand everything. A good Lawyer will be able to answer the majority of your questions up front; probably when they explain your options to you initially. It’s easy to become over loaded with information during your first or second meeting, so don’t be afraid to write your questions down ahead of time.

Generally speaking, there are four choices in any criminal case: First, pleading guilty to something. Second, pursuing some form of alternative resolution. Third, whether or not to file Motions. Fourth, whether or not to go to trial.

Pleading guilty can mean several things. You could plead guilty to the charge as is. The only real issue is whether you and the prosecutor can agree on a sentence or not. If the Prosecutor has offered a lesser crime, you could plead guilty to the amended charge. This new crime may, or may not, be something you are actually guilty of – but since the consequences are less severe than the original crime charged, it might be agreeable to both sides. You could plead guilty using an “Alford” plea. This is where you state up front that you do not believe you are guilty but you are going to plead guilty to take advantage of the Prosecutor’s sentencing recommendation. In an Alford Plea, you must also agree that there is a substantial likelihood that a Judge or Jury would find you guilty if the case went to trial.

In less serious criminal cases, there may be alternatives to either Pleading Guilty or Going to trial. For example, in some misdemeanors, the law allows a “Compromise of Misdemeanor” where the Defendant and the Victim agree to settle the matter between themselves. You can often see this in Third Degree Theft cases such as shoplifting. The shoplifter agrees to compensate the store owner and the store owner agrees that the criminal case can be dropped. There are other examples of this such as a Pre-Trial Diversion Agreement. In a PTDA, the Defendant agrees to do (or not do) certain things and if he or she complies, then the case is dismissed. Unfortunately, alternative resolutions are not available in every case.

In many criminal cases, there are legal questions that need to be answered by a Judge. The most common questions involve whether or not the Prosecutors can use a piece of evidence against a Defendant. Examples can include: Statements, Test Results, or other Physical Items.

Either Party can ask a Judge to rule on whether or not something will be allowed into evidence. This is generally done at a Motion Hearing. As a Defendant, your job is to understand what’s at stake during the Motion Hearing and whether or not there are any risks in having the hearing. The outcome of a Motion Hearing can range from having no impact on your case all the way to requiring a dismissal of the charges against you.

The final arbiter of justice is the Jury trial. Whether or not going through trial is worth it in your case is something you have to rely on you lawyer for. The outcome of a trial is easy: you either win or you loose. If you win, then the case is over and you are done with Court. If you loose, Judges tend to give a little more jail and a little more in fines over what you would have gotten if you had simply plead guilty. Whether a Judge would do that in any particular case depends on how things went at trial. If you had good arguments but the Jury found you guilty anyway, a Judge can take that into account when pronouncing sentence. I have certainly had cases where we went to trial and lost, but my client ended up with a better sentence than he would have received had he pled guilty up front.


Talking with an experienced, aggressive lawyer can remove an incredible amount of stress. It can also create a problem: The temptation to let the “professional” handle your case. Don’t fall into this trap. No matter how smart or well educated your attorney is, he or she will not be able to get you the resolution you want if they don’t know what it is. Your lawyer will be counting on you to keep them informed of your needs and desires as much as you will be counting on your lawyer for good advice.

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When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Why not just forgo a lawyer and handle the lawsuit yourself? This guide explains when you need a lawyer and why.

The old story is that of lawyers handing out cards in hospitals and chasing down ambulances, looking for someone to sue. However, an experienced lawyer doesn’t have to resort to such tactics, because a good lawyer in any profession protects your rights. In personal injury cases, compensation is needed to protect those rights. With the following guide, you’ll know not only when you need a lawyer, but where to find one and what he or she will do.

Major Injury
Many do not consider their case worth pursuing, even with an injury. There doesn’t have to be a death in order to get a lawsuit. If you suffer an injury which has affects lasting a year or more, you always need legal representation.

No Work
if you cannot work at your same job for a long time or never again, that hurts in many ways. You may have spent years learning the job or in school so you can get it. Psychologically, it can lead to depression. If you cannot work the same job or any job for a long time or ever again, you need a lawyer.

Insurance Problems
If an insurance company is not being forthright in getting you proper damages for things like medical costs, emotional issues, pain and suffering, and/or loss of work, hiring a lawyer can change the game entirely.

Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice is a very serious issue and almost always calls for legal counsel. Even if the hospital is offering you a settlement, the damages may call for more compensation than you think. If a major injury occurs, there are many people and institutions who can be at fault, making a lawyer essential.

Do you always need a lawyer?
If your injury is minor, if you’ll be fine in a matter of days, if you suffer no psychological or emotional trauma, use common sense. However, it won’t hurt to make a phone call to a lawyer and explain your situation.

Where can you find a lawyer?
You can find many experienced personal injury lawyers online. This is best because you get to see what amounts to a resume – what they won, who they helped, how long they’ve been practicing. You might also try your local state bar.

How can a lawyer help?
A lawyer can literally double or triple the value of your claim. What often happens is you get an initial offer, perhaps one which seems high and fair, and want to take it. The insurance company is hoping you’ll do just that. With a lawyer’s help, you can get the proper damages. If you have to fight, you want an experienced lawyer to help you win the boxing match.

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Career Prospects of Immigration Lawyers

Immigration law has become a popular topic amongst government officials and associations such as the AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) who are dedicated to providing fair and equal service to foreigners wishing to become permanent citizens of the United States. This includes both permanent residency and naturalization. There is a high demand for Immigration lawyers in the US today and that need continues to rise. So what does specializing in this field of law entail? What can a prospected student expect to undergo before achieving a degree in this profession-quite a bit, but not so much different than anyone interested in law. How can a prospective student expect to benefit in their future as an immigration lawyer? It is quite lucratively, to be candid about it.

The field of law consists of details, facts, rules, regulations, and paperwork. A lot of paperwork! It is an adaptable field and ever changing which means anyone specializing in Law, especially immigration law, will need to be detail oriented and adaptable themselves. As for educational requirements it differs by state. However, there are some educational requirements that remain true nationwide. A bachelor’s degree or master’s degree plus three to four years in law school are mandatory. Completing your formal degree in a social or political science, or even history, will help in pave the way to your success in law school. Journalism, communications, or a specialized degree program can help you greatly as well.

After completing your initial degree and law school, you then must pass the written bar exam to become certified (this is true for all lawyers). Any competent lawyer will have good communication skills, both verbal and written. They will have high problem-solving skills and a good memory. Competent lawyers will be able to hold up under pressure and the scrutiny of a group of people. They will also be good with debate and attention to detail and the nuances of many different people. A professional lawyer will be somewhat nurturing in their demeanor as well. To be able to communicate with people of different backgrounds, or anyone for that matter, it is necessary to be able to put them at ease, to make them feel comfortable around you.

For those interested in becoming immigration lawyers, it is a job well sought after and highly lucrative. An average salary for anyone in this field is close to $100,000. It is also a fast growing job and one that shows hope in future job openings. As the influx of immigration rises, so does the need for legal representatives who are fit to handle such cases fairly and competently. The best places to find such job possibilities are major cities such as NYC, Washington DC., and Denver Colorado. Anyone interested should try talking to someone who is already working in the field. It is a great option for a student’s future career. However, not everyone is cut out to be a lawyer. And the people who do the best at their jobs are the ones who are doing something they avidly and openly enjoy. Work doesn’t need to feel like work to you and a dedicated lawyer, who really feels for their clients, is the best kind of legal representative.

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Public Speakers Can Learn From Lawyers

All too often we like to make fun of lawyers – from telling lawyer jokes to laughing at those very bad late night TV commercials that they run. However, if we step back for a minute, we need to realize that a key part of the job of being a lawyer is to give speeches that carry very serious consequences. Lawyers truly understand the importance of public speaking. Perhaps there are things that lawyers can teach the rest of us about giving speeches…

It’s All About Confidence

If there is one thing that we can learn from how lawyers speak, it’s how to show our audience that we are confident. Confidence means that we truly believe in what we are saying. If you can’t show your audience that you are confident, then there’s no way that they’ll ever believe what is in your speech.

How to communicate confidence to an audience is the trick that lawyers know. There are a number of different ways to accomplish this trick. Speaking in a loud voice (not a quiet whisper) and making sure that you don’t use any “umm’s” or “ahh’s” will show confidence. Additionally, using your personality to take control of the room that you are speaking in and using good posture will go a long way in helping you to communicate the confidence that you are hopefully feeling.

There is a trick to this confidence thing that none of us must forget. It is possible to come across as being too confident – almost arrogant. You don’t want to let this happen to you. What you are going to want to do is to strive to radiate a type of so-called “humble confidence” where you acknowledge that your audience knows a great deal about what you are talking about; however, you have a type of stubborn confidence in your position.

You Can Never Be Too Clear

Lawyers have a problem. They can never be quite sure who they are talking to or just how much they know about the topic that is being discussed. What this means is that even if a lawyer has a good understanding of the topic that they are talking about, they can’t use fancy words or complicated concepts.

Instead, we can learn from what every lawyer is doing all the time: simplifying what they are saying. One big issue is that it is entirely possible that you might be talking too fast for your audience to keep up with you. You have to always be monitoring your audience and slowing things down if it starts to look like you are losing them.

One secret that lawyers use in order to boost the clarity of what they are telling their audiences is the pause. This simple speaking technique can significantly boost audience comprehension. Using a pause gives your audience enough time to comprehend what you just said before you launch into sharing your next idea.

What All Of This Means For You

The job of being a lawyer is a tough job under the best of circumstances. Although there are many different ways that lawyers earn their money, the ability to speak clearly and distinctly in a way that convinces people is an important part of their job. Lawyers have to master the benefits of public speaking. If we take a careful look at how they do this, we can learn a thing or two from them.

Lawyers give their speeches to small groups of people in tight quarters. This means that they need to radiate confidence in what they are saying. Any doubt or second guessing on their part will quickly be detected by their audience and their speech will fail to accomplish what they want it to. What lawyers are talking about can often be detailed and complicated. Their audience may not be able to understand the information that is being discussed. This means that a lawyer needs to be very clear and translate complicated ideas into simpler concepts that are easily understood.

I believe that we would all be very nervous if we were called on to stand in a court room and try to win over a jury using only our words. Lawyers are called on to do this every day and so we can observe how they do it and learn. For you next speech strive to emulate lawyers and show off your confidence and work on making your ideas even more clear than last time you talked about them. Do this well and you’ll get your client off every time you give a speech!

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Functions and Responsibilities of a Civil Lawyer

A Civil Lawyer is one who solely focuses on civil law only and has no role to play in the criminal cases and proceedings. Civil law consists of areas like family law, probate, intellectual property law, taxation laws, business, real estate, personal injury law and others. The law relating to civil wrongs and quasi-contracts are part of the civil law. Civil law covers any type of legal case that is unrelated to criminal activities or criminal law.

Civil lawyers differ from criminal lawyers in that criminal lawyers defend the defendant against criminal charges while a civil lawyer handles non-criminal litigation. Their job requires them to present evidence and argue in civil court to support their clients. Civil law involves a private party, which could be an individual or company, that wishes to file a lawsuit against another party and therefore becomes the plaintiff. The burden of proof falls on the plaintiff to prove its case. His job involves presenting cases before judges, deciphering laws and rulings for individuals, companies and organizations, negotiating settlements of legal disputes, investigating legal data, formulating legal briefs, filing legal appeals in higher courts on the behalf of their clients.

A civil lawyer works to find resolutions to matters unconnected to criminal disagreements like differences concerning the definition of contractual agreements, property possession, custody disputes involving minors, divorces and other matrimonial disputes like maintenance and alimony, and compensation sought for individual and/or property loss or impairment in cases of torts and defamation. He deals with cases that comprise of private individuals, companies and in some cases governmental or state agencies. He works on behalf of private clients, business houses or government entities to resolve disputes and legal issues. They do not work with criminal cases, but rather they deal with the law pertaining to people, relationships and property. A civil lawyer performs similar job tasks like other lawyers. They may take depositions from their own or opposing parties’ witnesses investigate pertinent laws to identify the best arguments to make and argue their cases in court trials. They also draft legal documents and, in some cases, negotiate settlements. The governing law of civil law is different from that of criminal law.

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My First Job

People always remember their firsts: first day in school, first day in college, first day in university, first job, first love, first kiss etc. For me it is my first job which is very memorable.

But before that some history about myself.
I came to USA for doing Ph.D in physics which I completed in 1993. After that I
worked as a post-doctoral research associate for two years in Norman, OK. But when
the funding ran out and it turned out I am not quite the Einstein I thought to be,
I was left with no choice but to find a job outside of academia.

Some people said with my background in physics and with Ph.D from a well known
university and also an MSc from one of I.I.T’s in India, I can easily get a job
in industry in companies like Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Applied Materials etc.
However, my job search did not turn up any results in two months. Even though I
got some job in India, I was not willing to go back and wanted to explore further what uncle Sam might have in store for me.

But no job, no job. Then someone suggested I could look for job in the software
industry which was beginning to boom. I had done lot computing as part of my
research. So I thought it is not a bad idea. So I started applying to software
companies in the internet. But most companies kept rejecting by saying I don’t
have any relevant experience. Some will talk to me for a few days and then eventually it will not go anywhere after that.

While I was doing that, I started learning about C programming language. Before
then I have done programming in Fortran language only. So I started learning about pointers, memory
allocation, etc. I also started learning about C++ which was gaining popularity at that
time. I kept on learning. Encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism. I
liked the idea of inheritance and polymorphism very much. While the university
had no funds to pay me anymore, I could still use their computing and other resources, e.g. phone, fax, internet etc. This turned
out to be a great service for me.

But I was still not having any luck in finding a job. Everybody said they need industry
experience which I lacked. Almost a whole month went by, and still no luck.

In fact, a time came when I gave the hope of getting a job and almost about to head back home. But before leaving I gave a call to one of companies I was dealing with. I had talked with them before. This time, the president of the company
himself took the call. When he learned about my story, he decided to give me a
chance. He offered me to come there and stay in their guest house and learn more
programming and they will look for projects for me. At that time, it sounded like a gift from heaven to me.

So I packed all my stuff, vacated my apartment, bid final good bye to the academic world and headed for New Jersey.

New Jersey

It was a small infotec company in New Jersey. They had a two bedroom apartment
which they used as their guest house.

They also urged me to learn visual C++ and I started learning it. However,
they had only one computer for use and sometime there will be competition over who will get to it first.

The company had probably 50-60 employees and most of them were at their client
site working on various assignments. There were only four people in the office.
In fact, most people were recruited over phone and never even came to the home

They had rented a two bedroom apartment which they called the guest house. This
was going to my address for a while.

Life in the Guest House

At a times, their guest house really got crowded. People were coming from India.
Some got placed pretty much immediately but some had to wait a while.

Sometime the mood got very festive. People talking, joking, playing. One day,
someone was cooking while some other people having a hearty adda (chit chat). So
he also joined in the party. But he forgot to switch off the cooking burner.
He was having so much fun, he didn’t realize the oil had gotten over heated
and started burning. It caught our attention only there were smoke all over the
living room. Immediately we ran to the kitchen and switched off the gas. But the
oil was still burning and so much smoke came out that it triggered the smoke
alarm. We quickly opened the windows and tried to fan the smoke out with some newspapers. At one point we were worried if police or fire brigade
will come and what they will think when they find so many foreigners in a single
apartment. So someone suggested most of us could hide in the bathroom. Then
someone pointed out the closet which was a walk-in close and could fit 5-6 people easily. But no police or fire brigade ever came and the smoke cleared in an hour.

In another day, someone put a hot cooking pot containing lentil right onto the carpet. No one seemed to notice what happened until we finished eating. The pot
has burned the carpet it was sitting on, we discovered when the pot was lifted.
Everybody was very nervous. Weeks later, it will a subject of obscene joke : an black round spot exactly in the middle of the apartment.

Also people will forget one or another sometime : may be switching off
light or the air conditioning, one someone even forgot to turn off the cooking gas, it kept burning the whole day. It was very fortunate that the whole apartment was not burned down. But every time the company president knew about
it, he would start yelling, and the blame game will start.

Hopeless quest for job

As I was learning visual C++, they would try sending my resume
for review to some companies. In all cases, it will be completely ignored. Sometime the marketing person will talk to someone mentioning my impressive educational
background. But only response he would get from the other end was in the form of
a question : how much industry experience does he have? Answer was, of course, ZERO! It was getting more and more frustrating.
In one instance, he almost yelled at them saying : ‘he has written thousand lines of code’! To this day, the desparateness, frustration and poignance still
rings in my ear.

I was also getting sick of learning visual C++. I know I can write program that
can fetch data and display it on the screen, but what all is there to learn?
One can not memorize the whole windows api.

As I was learning visual C++ and sometime visual basic, I also had another task
to take care of. This was to drive people around. Even though most people
found jobs without too much effort, there were few who took some time. They
will have interviews here and there. Since they just came from India, they didn’t know driving and my ability to drive a car came very handy to them. So
I would drive them to places. In one incident, I drove one guy to some place
in North Jersey and I got lost. Cell phone were available at that time, but almost no one
had them. I stopped at a lonely gas station and made a call. It was so lonely
and time was around 11 pm, I got really scared. In another instance, I was
supposed to bring back a guy from some town in philadelphia who got rolled off
from the project just after a week. This time also I got lost and found myself
driving on a very narrow road. There was no way to turn back. Finally I stopped
on the shoulder which was grass. There was a car coming from behind, so I waited
until it passed. But to my surprise, the car stopped just by my car. I was very
scared. But when the windows rolled down, I saw an old lady instead of a someone
pointing gun at me who asked if I was alright and needed any help. I was so
touched by this gesture. So I smiled and said no. I turned back and eventually
found the guy and headed back to the guest house.

The fight with Lawyer

The first thing they had do was to get an H1B approval for me. But
the lawyer was very much against me. One day the president of the company got
in phone with him and an entertaining conversation followed.

Lawyer: How can you be sure he can do this job?

President: I know his background, he can easily learn this.

Lawyer: Okay, but his degree is in physics it will be very difficult to get H1B
approval for him.

President: He has done lot of programming as part of this research, it should not be any problem.

Lawyer: Okay, but this is still a very complicated case and lot of extra work needs to done, it would cost XXXX dollars.

President: Oh my god! Etna mat bolo. Hamara seva karo. (Don’t quote so much, serve me well).

Lawyer: No man, it can not be any lower than that.

President: Kar do bhaiya! Main to garib admi hun. (Please do it, we are too poor!)

Lawyer: I am giving you the lowest price! Others will charge you a whole lot. (Meaning he would suck the last drop of blood from you if he could.)

And the coversation continued for a while. It ended like this.

President: Okay, we will get all paperwork ready. Please start working on this
as soon as possible.

Lawyer: Don’t worry. As long as it is in my hand everything will go smoothly (meaning he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about).

Return to India

At some point, I decided to go home and stay there until get a project; the chance of
which was getting slimmer and slimmer each day. So I bought a one-way ticket to India and headed home. There was very good chance that I will not return back to USA. At home, my parent pestered me so much to get married.
So I decided to get married even though I did not have a job. This is partly
because I was not having much luck with girls. I did have chances though, but I
blew them all. But this is not relevant in the context of this story. May be later.

But right after getting married, guess what, phone started ringing from USA.
The infotec company has finally found someone who was interested in my resume
and an phone interview was scheduled quickly. The interview was not as great as
I thought! But one hour later, I got a call back saying I was selected for the
job. Take that! I got a job.

After that everything was arranged with lightening speed. The plane ticket was booked and
I headed back to US. But even this part was not without kinks. They booked a
ticket on Tower airlines! I was supposed to fly out of Mumbai. I was to collect
the ticket from the Tower office in Mumbai. When I tried to find their office
in the largest city of India, I had troubles. The taxi driver took me around the
city (probably twice) and when finally located the office, they said I simply
had to pick it up from their counter in the airport itself. Well the taxi raced
back to the airport and dropped me there. He demanded about thousand rupees (or
fifteen hundred, I don’t remember today).
But everything went smoothly after that! In the airport in New York, two people
from the office came to meet me! It was so touching.

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How to Write an Effective Lawyer Cover

A lawyer cover letter should accompany each resume you send to an employer. Is it necessary? Absolutely. Many job seekers are skipping this important step in the process, not realizing the full importance of the lawyer cover letter. A cover letter not only introduces you to a potential employer, but it allows you to provide explanations and discuss important points or parts of your background that are either not mentioned in your resume, or that cannot be adequately covered in a resume.

A lawyer cover letter should always be professional, enthusiastic, sincere, and on point; in other words, it should be specifically tailored to the particular employer to whom it is addressed. The lawyer cover letter should follow the same formatting style as the resume. For example, if you used 10-point Arial fonts and 2-inch margins on your resume, your lawyer cover letter should include the same font, margins, and header as your resume. A lawyer cover letter should be no longer than one page, and include at least three paragraphs. Each paragraph should serve a distinct purpose, and provide information related to the position.

Here is the basic format for writing an effective lawyer cover letter:

Paragraph 1

The purpose of the first paragraph is to introduce yourself and refer to the position you are applying to. Tell them who you are, why you are writing the letter, and give them a reason to continue reading the rest of your cover letter. The first sentence of your first paragraph should read something like this: “I am Class of 1990 litigator applying to the Trial Attorney position with the U.S. Department of Justice.” In this first paragraph, you should also refer to your practice area, and why you are a good fit for the position. Also, if the position requires a relocation on your part, be sure to mention any geographic ties that you may have to the region in which the employer is located.

To grab the reader’s attention and entice them to keep reading your lawyer cover letter, you should include a statement that sets you apart, such as a personal connection or specific interest in the position or organization. One example could be: “Professor John A. Smith recommended that I contact you because of your expertise in immigration law.” If you do not have a personal contact or recommendation within the firm or organization, try something like this: “I was fascinated to read your article in the August issue of The National Law Journal” or “My extensive experience in tort litigation and strong interest in that area may be an asset to your firm.” Whatever you choose to include, make sure that it is something that you learned in your research about the particular employer or position that sets you apart from other applicants.

Paragraph 2

The purpose of the second paragraph is to elaborate on your background, experience, and skills and relate how they fit with the position and needs of the employer’s organization. It is not enough for a potential employer to review your resume and determine whether those skills are a match, it is up to you to make those connections. You should use any element of your background, such as your job experience, skills, and training to demonstrate how these are relevant and transferable to the position. One mistake that is often made in the course of this exercise is for job seekers to repeat what is already on their resume. While elements of your resume are important to stress, you should make an effort to go beyond the resume, and provide a fresh perspective on what you have to offer.

Another important purpose of the lawyer cover letter is to be able to discuss relevant aspects of your candidacy that are not appropriate or practical to include in the resume. For instance, if you are no longer working with your last employer, this is a good place to discuss why. For example, if you were laid off because of economic reasons, it’s best to explain this on the cover letter, rather than have the employer assume that something is wrong with you from the resume alone. This is also a good place to explain gaps on your resume, transitions, or any other elements that show that you’ve not taken a linear route to your legal career. Any perceived or potential negative can be easily dealt with and explained in the cover letter.

The lawyer cover letter can also allow you to discuss positives that are not easily addressed on the resume. For instance, if you earned high grades in a particular course, received professional training in a particular practice area, or published articles in a specific field, this is a good place for you to discuss these accomplishments in details. You can expand on a specific skill or accomplishment as it best relates to the position, and discuss how these achievements enabled you to hone essentials skills for the job. Finally, if the position requires relocating, you should take the opportunity to show your interest or ties to city, and convince the employer of your willingness to move.

Paragraph 3

The purpose of the third and final paragraph of your lawyer cover letter is to reiterate your interest in the position, and direct the employer to what you want them to do. Make it easy for the employer to schedule a meeting. If you are going to be travelling to the employer’s city, let them know when so they can easily schedule a time to see you. If you are local, specify times that are convenient for you and provide telephone numbers where you can be reached and an email address.

Finally, be sure to include a line of gratitude. For example: “I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the real estate associate position. I will be in Atlanta the week of March 18th, and can be reached on my cell phone at (555) 434-9987. I hope we can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet. Thank you for your consideration.”


“I am eager to speak with you and discuss my possible contribution to John, Doe & Associates as I feel my experiences in intellectual property will be an asset to your firm. I will be in touch with you within a week, and if you need to reach me, you can call 555-434-9987, or email me at Thank you for your time and consideration.


“I hope to have the opportunity to discuss how my background and experiences may fit your needs for this general counsel position. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

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Popularity of Divorce Lawyer

It is definitely not an easy task to get the divorce. However, this is an old saying now and couples are getting the divorce at will. There have been many reasons for this as now divorce is an important issue as far as the law and order are concerned. There is a need to find the reason for the divorce but it is more important to find the person who will carry the whole process. These days the DIY format has become very popular but that requires many guts and there is no doubt at all that it is a tough job. It is good for the couples those lack money but for those who have enough money, proper consultation will definitely be the right idea. Without proper consultation the job will not be done. If we will talk about the states like Houston then we will find that the divorce rate is very high. However, one will definitely find out that Houston divorce lawyer has been very busy in solving these divorce cases.

These lawyers are quite in demand especially in states like Houston where the divorce rate is very high. The rich class is also quite dominant out here and hence one will definitely find that Divorce lawyers are being called more often than not. Houston is a rich state and this is one of the major reasons, why the lawyers are busy all the time. These lawyers do many jobs. It all starts with the filing of the legal separation and it is undoubtedly not an easy task but these lawyers complete it quite efficiently with quite a bit of efficiency.

One the legal separation is filed, after few months the file for the absolute or temporary divorce can be filed. These jobs are not easy at all and it is very hard to remember all the clauses for a nonprofessional user. Thus, most of the time, if the petitioner has the money then undoubtedly, they should go for the lawyers. States like Houston has so many advantages for the lawyer and hence the Houston divorce lawyer is more than popular.

If the petitioner hires the lawyer then it is definitely made sure that the case is being filed with total dedication and no clause is being left out at all. There are many rules and regulations related to the divorce and it is definitely not that easy for the couple to go through all the laws. It is definitely a tough job. That is why they have to contact the lawyers, which can be the real solution for their worries.

Cases related to the child custody, the child support is undoubtedly very tough, and it is definitely not that easy to find out that who is concerned about the child. Court is in dilemma too and it is not that easy to decide that too and hence if the people find that the case is serious then they should definitely try to make sure that they call the divorce lawyers. As far, the Houston divorce lawyer is concerned, one will definitely find that they are available in plenty and it is not that tough to find an able lawyer out here.

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Career As a Lawyer

A legal system exists in every civilized society to safeguard people’s rights, interest, their life and property. To run the system successfully there needs people who can understand the laws, interpret and explain them to the common people. There comes the role of lawyers.

Career as a lawyer has always been a respectful option in the civilized societies in the world. An advocate is one who speaks on behalf of another person, especially in a legal context. He is licensed to practice law, learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; Lawyer profession involves the practical application and knowledge of acts, rules, statutes and laws of the land to solve people’s problems, or to advance the interests of those who hire lawyers to perform legal services. The role of the lawyer varies significantly across legal jurisdictions.

“About Lawyers”

In today’s rapidly changing world progress and development have been made almost in every profession. It results creation of large number of opportunities for individuals. Legal profession has no exception. Law jobs in Pakistan can be seen in national dailies regularly. In the legal profession, lawyers have many options over the course of their careers. Besides private practice, they can always aspire to becoming a district attorney on division level, assistant district attorney on district level. Jobs for lawyers are offered as Advocate General in the High courts and as attorney General in the Supreme Court. Many other career opportunities for lawyers are also available in legal profession like public prosecutor, government counsel, corporate in-house counsel, administrative law judge, judge, arbitrator, law professor, or politician. A large organization offers jobs as legal advisor and lucrative remuneration is offered for the job. In developing countries like India and Pakistan, a large majority of law students never actually practice, but simply use their law degree as a foundation for careers in other fields. Lawyers generally structure their legal education around their chosen specialty; the boundaries between different types of lawyers are carefully defined and hard to cross. After one earns a law degree, career mobility may be severely constrained. The legal profession is not rigorously bifurcated and everyone within it can easily change roles and arenas.

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The Importance of Maturity in a Lawyer

When you are looking to hire a lawyer, there are many factors that you must consider. You should look at the reviews that a lawyer has. You should determine what their specialty is and if it matches well with your needs. Price is a main thing you should inquire about to ensure that you are not attempting to enlist someone out of your price range. One thing that people do not often consider, but should definitely look into, is the maturity of an attorney. In this context maturity is not simply referring to age, although age could play a role, but it is referring to the amount of time that the lawyer has been in practice, as well as the number of clients they have represented and cases they have taken to court.

Most people would agree that maturity is an important factor in choosing an attorney. One of the only counter arguments that could be made is that a great lawyer is a great lawyer no matter how long they have been working. Is this correct? Sure it is. Some people come out of law school and possess an x factor that makes them a fantastic lawyer regardless of the fact that they have very little experience. But most often, people get better and better over time. Thus it’s easy to see that lawyers gain maturity through experience and are then better fit to represent you in court. The phrase “practice makes perfect” exemplifies what is being talked about here, and it has been around as long as it has because it’s a very true and wise proverb.

There are a few serious things that could happen as a result of not hiring a mature attorney. Inexperienced lawyers could become nervous upon entering the court room and could not perform to the best of their abilities under pressure. For them it is their job and their opportunity to do what they are hired to do, but for you… it’s your life. If their inexperience leads to them performing poorly in the court room, it affects their job, but it affects your life, more importantly.

Another thing that could happen when hiring an immature attorney would be them failing to fully understand all the facets of the law. As anyone works within their chosen field, they learn more and more about the innerworkings and details of their job. If a lawyer is new to the job, they may not be fully comfortable with all the details of the law, and again this would affect your life negatively if it creeped into your case.

So instead of having to worry about the things that come with an immature lawyer, it is best to find an attorney that has taken their time to learn and grow within their field over time. This will give you the best possible chance of attaining your desired outcome.

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