Top 10 Paralegal Jobs

A job that is next in priority to the real lawyer. A paralegal expert can do everything that a lawyer does except present cases in a court. Paralegal jobs are new considering the recent craze for the same; in reality, they did exist years ago but were not seen as a mainstream career avenue. A paralegal expert can do the following:

• Prepare Cases

• Prepare arguments

• Do research on a case

• Can provide help with legal consultancies

Paralegal jobs which have lured many are currently hailed as one of the largest off-stream employers today. The stream is so successful that many self-proclaimed experts have opened their own offices and are doing quite well! The situation is understandable as lawyers currently have lot more cases in their hands than previously; hence this outsourcing! Here’s a look at the top 10 paralegal jobs in the country:

1. Corporate Paralegal Jobs: With globalization infecting every other nation, the scope of business has only increased and with it comes a host of legal complications that can be best left to an ‘outsider’ who can handle the work expertly and provide consultancy services. Salaries can go up to $80,000 per annum!

2. Legal Assistant Jobs: Paralegal experts are basically expected to help a lawyer in work and share expert opinions that only another lawyer can provide. Often, the non-degree holder paralegal assistant has an edge over conventional lawyers because they tend to think in a different frame of mind!

3. Debt Recovery Paralegal Jobs: With companies declaring bankruptcies all over the country, the job of a debt recovery paralegal expert could not have come at a better time! The experts at the job can earn anywhere between $50,000-$60,000 PA.

4. Engineering Paralegal Jobs: As the name suggests, there are legal jobs in the engineering sector as well. Engineers having knowledge on law are preferred here.

5. Entry Level Paralegal Jobs: When starting out as a paralegal consultant, you can always use the help of some good internship. Good paralegal consultancies pay quite well.

6. Commercial property/Real Estate Paralegal Jobs: Infrastructure development goes on and on and so does the job of a real estate paralegal expert as well as an attorney.

7. Personal Injury Paralegal Jobs: With celebs more in the hunt for suing media houses and other similar stories in other sectors, personal injury law has emerged as a new weapon for aware people to fight for compensation! Paralegal eagles have their hands full!

8. Social Law Paralegal Jobs: From corporate social responsibility to feeding the underdeveloped economies, social law was never as relevant.

9. Industrial Paralegal Jobs: From personal injury, labor laws and compensation, industries are fighting a new aware worker force. Thanks to the paralegal experts, the workers can’t be exploited as they were earlier.

10. Paralegal Attorney Jobs: Paralegals have often turned attorneys with additional qualification and vice-versa. The potent mix of both the qualities has enabled few experts to make millions at the end of the year!

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