Tote Bags: The Functional Promotional Item That Everyone Loves

Promotional items make it easy to advertise a business or a cause. Useful items are much more likely to be kept and seen. A cute magnet or plush toy will not have the lasting power of a functional item like a pen. In addition, the product should also be something that people will use outside of their home or office. This increases the potential for the company name to be seen by more people. Tote bags meet these needs and much more.

  • They are an affordable promotional item.
  • Totes make it possible for interested clients to carry paperwork and other items collected at trade fairs and other corporate gatherings.
  • A tote is a good employee reward too because they are as appealing to employees as they are to clients.
  • It is easy to order them in any color combination to match artwork and branding.
  • The extensive surface space makes it possible to include logos, artwork and company information in a font that is large enough to read from a distance.

Totes are a highly visible portable billboard. People will use them at the beach, grocery store or to carry school gear. Many people use totes every day to carry their lunch, electronics and other gear to work and back. When they no longer need the tote it is possible they will pass it on to someone else and expose the company information to an entirely new audience.

For the best results it is important to choose a quality, functional tote. Choose models that have adequate cargo space. The straps should be securely fastened to the bag and long enough for users to hang the tote off their shoulder. Reinforced bottoms protect property and a washable fabric extends the length of time it will be usable. Many people prefer a zippered bag because it protects their privacy and makes the bag more secure. This feature will raise the price of the tote so it is not as cost-effective as other options. Another feature that is important to many people is whether or not the bag is made from recycled materials or can be recycled when no longer needed. Always choose a bag that impresses people and presents an accurate image of the company.