When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Why not just forgo a lawyer and handle the lawsuit yourself? This guide explains when you need a lawyer and why.

The old story is that of lawyers handing out cards in hospitals and chasing down ambulances, looking for someone to sue. However, an experienced lawyer doesn’t have to resort to such tactics, because a good lawyer in any profession protects your rights. In personal injury cases, compensation is needed to protect those rights. With the following guide, you’ll know not only when you need a lawyer, but where to find one and what he or she will do.

Major Injury
Many do not consider their case worth pursuing, even with an injury. There doesn’t have to be a death in order to get a lawsuit. If you suffer an injury which has affects lasting a year or more, you always need legal representation.

No Work
if you cannot work at your same job for a long time or never again, that hurts in many ways. You may have spent years learning the job or in school so you can get it. Psychologically, it can lead to depression. If you cannot work the same job or any job for a long time or ever again, you need a lawyer.

Insurance Problems
If an insurance company is not being forthright in getting you proper damages for things like medical costs, emotional issues, pain and suffering, and/or loss of work, hiring a lawyer can change the game entirely.

Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice is a very serious issue and almost always calls for legal counsel. Even if the hospital is offering you a settlement, the damages may call for more compensation than you think. If a major injury occurs, there are many people and institutions who can be at fault, making a lawyer essential.

Do you always need a lawyer?
If your injury is minor, if you’ll be fine in a matter of days, if you suffer no psychological or emotional trauma, use common sense. However, it won’t hurt to make a phone call to a lawyer and explain your situation.

Where can you find a lawyer?
You can find many experienced personal injury lawyers online. This is best because you get to see what amounts to a resume – what they won, who they helped, how long they’ve been practicing. You might also try your local state bar.

How can a lawyer help?
A lawyer can literally double or triple the value of your claim. What often happens is you get an initial offer, perhaps one which seems high and fair, and want to take it. The insurance company is hoping you’ll do just that. With a lawyer’s help, you can get the proper damages. If you have to fight, you want an experienced lawyer to help you win the boxing match.

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